Current Rent Collection

At a specific date every month (we recommend the 7th), we offer to collect any amount still unpaid for.

First, we will contact, by telephone, the tenant who still has not paid the rent in full in order to get an update on his or her situation. For many reasons, it is possible that it is difficult for a tenant to pay a certain month’s rent, perhaps he or she has lost their job, is going through a separation or is waiting for another source of income. At this step in the process, a verbal request will be made for the tenant to pay all amounts due to the owner.

If the tenant still does not make the requested payments, a registered letter will be sent to inform him or her that an eviction application will be made on the 21st day of the month. If, by that day, the rent still remains unpaid. The tenant will be responsible for the collection fees related to this step of the process.

This service has proven to be very effective. It has also prevented useless losses and guaranteed owners that their tenants will pay the rent according to the terms agreed upon in the lease.