Prerental Screenings

Prerental screening is, without a doubt, a step that must be taken before signing a lease with a future tenant. It will give you piece of mind since you will be certain that your tenant is trustworthy. During the screening process we will:

  • Validate the applicant’s current address and check his or her references with the previous landlord;
  • Validate the applicant’s occupation as well as his or her primary source of income;
  • Check banking references with the financial institution he or she deals with;
  • Check the applicant’s criminal record, if any, as well as rulings issued by the Régie du logement.

After having proceeded with these verifications, we are able to evaluate the risks related to a tenant’s application as well as consider recommending them.

For this service, your future tenant must fill out a Rental Request form. For a copy of this form, please click here.