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Des anciens locataires
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What SOS Property Owners offers is an innovative concept which can be described as a collection insurance. According to the services selected, our customers, and property owners, could be free of all management tasks, whatever they may be, from renting to maintenance, even including collection, screening and enforcement of a judgment.

With nearly twelve years experience in private investigation, the founders of SOS Property Owners have understood not only that nothing could protect owners from a bad payer, but also that the only two real weapons they had were prerental screening and the tenant’s common sense. In 2009 alone, the Régie du logement reported a nearly 18% increase in the number of cases filed for unpaid rent. Because of the current economic situation, it is difficult to believe that this situation is only temporary and that things will not get any worse.

Because owners often don’t have enough time and because they know that they will get discouraged by the administrative maze, many decide to drop their cases, thereby allowing the tenants who fail to pay their rent to start over again with another landlord.

Our goal is to substitute the owner entity when dealing with different organizations and to ensure that issues are dealt with quickly while making sure that the owner is being paid the rightful amounts. That is why SOS Property Owners is the protection you cannot do without.